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We offer a full-service, state-of-the-art dental lab on-site, featuring the revolutionary Zirkonzahn system.

One Day, One Location Solutions

Introducing the Zirkonzahn Implant system
At Ocean Pacific Dental, our implant technicians work in a state-of-the-art, in-house lab to digitally design, scan, and mill our patient’s dental restorations quickly while ensuring ideal aesthetics and long-term success.

With an in-house lab, you will be able to save time and doctor visits. We can make adjustments to your restoration’s shades and fit while you are in the office. Additionally, because we don’t ship to an off-site lab, you will be able to get your restoration quickly, with the results you want.

Zirkonzahn 3D Facial Scanner

FACE HUNTER is an innovative, high-speed scanner that, when combined with the CAD/CAM software, provides a photo-realistic 3D digitalization of a patient’s face to create highly individualized, remarkably precision dental prostheses.

There’s virtually no other system available that delivers such precise measurement of your bone structure and tooth orientation for a result that’s as close to perfection as humanly possible.

Zirkonzahn Milling Unit

With the Zirkonzahn Milling Unit on-site, our lab technicians can manufacture the longest-lasting and most natural-looking restorations available in a surprisingly short period, which, of course, saves you, the patient, time, and doctor visits. Further, we can adjust your restoration’s shades and fit while you are in the office.

This unit can mill titanium and zirconia material. Zirconia is a state-of-the-art implant material that is resistant to chips and fractures and produces the natural appearance of healthy teeth and gums.

3D Cone Beam Scanner

Physicians have relied on computerized axial tomography scans (CAT) for years. Today, many dentists rely on 3D imaging scans to provide a detailed view of the mouth and skull. 3D scans are quick and straightforward to perform. A Cone Beam Imaging System is at the heart of the 3D scanner. The cone beams are used to take literally hundreds of pictures of the face. These pictures are used to compile an exact 3D image of the inner mechanisms of the face and jaw. The dentist can zoom in on specific areas and view them from alternate angles.


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